How It Works

For our Musicians

Musicians with a Mission will coordinate the logistics between our local healthcare partners and the musician's schedule so all you need to do is show up and share your gift! There is no obligation to perform a certain number of services, just a willingness to be part of the team and participate at some level. Complete the following Application Form and someone will be in contact with you shortly.

Musicians with a Mission is pleased to offer all of its core musicians an honorarium for each performance in gratitude for their service and to encourage more live performances in healthcare settings. Become part of a growing number of musicians who are determined to share their musical gifts beyond the confines of concert halls!

For our Activity Directors

We offer nursing and personal care homes a diverse roster of over 20 talented musicians who care for the elderly and desire to share their time and talent with them. Those that are listed as healthcare partners have committed to receive musicians from our organization on at least a monthly basis and are given priority.

To book a musician, please e-mail with at least two weeks notice and arrangements will be made based on availability. You may request a specific musician(s) from our roster or allow us to make the recommendation. We have a suggested contribution but will try to work within your budget to bring you Pittsburgh's very finest!